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Providing Solutions for Electronic Control Problems

Our specialty is re-manufacturing and/or re-furbishing obsolete circuit boards to extend the life of your valuable equipment.


About Us

Formerly known as Sunset Services, Control Solutions has been repairing, reverse engineering, refurbishing, and manufacturing circuit boards, power supplies, and industrial electronic controls since 1989. Specializing in obsolete equipment, the manufacturing industries served are plastic, paper, power generation, food, heating/cooling, etc.

Capabilities include generating complete documentation to manufacture an obsolete board, populate and test circuit boards, repair a circuit board to return it to full functionality, burn-in testing, field services for troubleshooting and repair, machine shop services to repair mechanical components related to machine control, and many other tasks related to solving industrial control problems.


Job costing is negotiable and priced per item, per project, or consulting on an hourly basis. 

Quality Service

Obsolete component repairs/refurbishments are normally performed by scouring surplus inventories for original parts, repairing the original, or redesigning the component or sub-component necessary for full functionality.

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484 Knight Road Delanson, NY 12053 USA

(518) 577-8813